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On this page you find a few utils, some maybe usefull too for you. All downloadable applications from this page are a "CARDWARE":-) - everybody, who send me a postcard to my address(see below) may use them:-). All applications are for MS Windows systems.

Address for postcards:

Jan Borovička
Plzeňská 119
Prague 5
Czech republic

new 17.10.2004 - New version of JGKillIt - now is possible to select windows processe too.

new 23.10.2004 - New version of JGKillIt - now is posible close self and shutdown the computer.

JGChRes - Utility for fast change of screen resolution
JGKillIt - Utility for terminate any application in specifed time or after lapse specifed time
JGZCL - Utility for fast change lower-case letters with upper-case letters and contrary

In the near future here will be more applications. For example utility for mass replace text with more files of the specifed type or simple photo viewer, that known work with subdirectories.

JGChRes download

JGChRes change then resolution from one to another, specifed in the JGChRes.ini file

JGChRes.ini example:


JGChRes.exe will be switch 1280x1024, frequency 70Hz and 1024x768 frequency 90Hz.

JGKillIt download

this is the utility for terminate selected application. Is possible terminate application in specifed time or after lapse specifed time.

JGZCL download

This utlity change in the windows clipboard the lower-case leters with upper-case lettres and contrary. In shorcut for application is possible to set the shortcut key for this application. This utility may help you after forgotten CapsLock.